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Print changed the world. It made, for the first time, the things in the mind of one to be transferred to another outside of his or her presence. Print took the spoken word or the image and made it more transferable.

I now send you these ideas from a digitized typewriter. But, we most likely have never met. And, unless you are Kazuko, we have never discussed this idea.

Now it is yours to ponder:

Print. Dissemination.

Is everything worth sharing in replication?

Are some things unique, unequalled in replication? Are some things, some ideas, some images more important to promulgate than others?
Do you know which ones??

Is there any list that can be comprehensive at this point?

Probably. Maybe. Most hopefully, I think so.

Written by David Fenn

Printed works by: Ryo Watanabe. Sumayyh Samaha. Cari Rosmarin. Neddi Heller. Liz - N - Val. Iku Higuchi. Akemi Takeda. Eric Ginsburg. Sanae Mizusawa Peck. Jeffrey Shagawat. Mieko Mitachi. Cupid Patrick. Kazuko Hyakuda. Becket Bowes. Christopher Craig. Sol LeWitt. Katsumi Suzuki. Rob Van Erve. Tommy Flynn. Taka Yamaguchi. Angela Valeria. Fumio Yamaguchi. Eizan Miyamoto. Kazuko Miyamoto. David Fenn. K & D. Judy Linn. Ariane Lopez - Huichi. Judy Mensch. Alvin Mack Sr. Sugar Sweet Sunshine.
In memory of Ryo Watanabe

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