JAZZ: Art of k&d

April 1 - 25, 2016

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 1-7 PM
Sunday 1-5 PM and by appointment

Opening Reception: Friday, April 1 , 2016 at 6 pm

a : American music developed especially from ragtime and blues and characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and often deliberate distortions of pitch and timbre

b : popular dance music influenced by jazz and played in a loud rhythmic manner

: empty talk : <spouted all the scientific jazz — Pete Martin>

: similar but unspecified things :

<that wind, and the waves, and all that jazz — John Updike>"(Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online)

: a film by Bob Fosse

: a collection by Matisse.

: a show by k&d

"jazz (n.)

by 1912, American English, first attested in baseball slang; as a type of music, attested from 1913. Probably ultimately from Creole patois jass "strenuous activity," especially "sexual intercourse" but also used of Congo dances, from jasm (1860) "energy, drive," of African origin (compare Mandingo jasi, Temneyas), also the source of slang jism.

If the truth were known about the origin of the word 'Jazz' it would never be mentioned in polite society. ["Étude," Sept. 1924]" (from Online Etymology.Com)

Ha Ha Ha

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