Redrawing Sol LeWitt

Wall Drawing 731

September 6 - October 12, 2014

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 1- 7 PM
Sunday 1 - 5 PM and by appointment

Gallery Onetwentyeight and Exile of Berlin, Germany are pleased to announce the recreation of Sol LeWitt’s original work displayed at onetwentyeight in 1993. It has been 21 years since the first installation of LeWitt’s Walldrawing WD 731. onetwentyeight continues to be the sole gallery to exhibit this walldrawing of Sol LeWitt.

The first installation of WD 731 was made by artists of onetwentyeight in July, 1993. This second installation was conceived by Christian Siekmeier of Exile, Berlin in collaboration with Kazuko Miyamoto of onetwentyeight in New York City. This second installation is made by assigned draft persons, Hidemi Nomura and Michael Benjamin Vedder, from the Sol LeWitt Foundation.

Since the 1960’s until the 1990’s the Lower East Side was an important neighborhood for artists to live and work. Many of LeWitt’s modular sculptures and maquettes were built in the back room of onetwentyeight by local artists. This work supported many artists to start their artistic careers in NYC and, along with LeWitt’s insistance to show his own work with unknown artists, encouraged the art world to view and consider the work of these artists. onetwentyeight, in the tradition of Sol himself, continues to be a champion for the artist, regularly featuring the works of unknown artists alongside emerging and established artists.*

*There might be a surprise in the back gallery.

128 Rivington St.
(bet. Essex & Norfolk)
NYC, NY 10002
212 674 0244

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