Max Fujishima

Wish You Were Here - New York to Egypt and Beyond

January 31 - March 1, 2014

Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 1- 7 PM, Sunday 1- 5PM

Opening Reception: Saturdays, February 1 & February 15, 3-7pm
Live music by Lulla Miyuki and Mike Biskup

Gallery Onetwentyeight is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of the work of photographer Max Fujishima. The exhibition, entitled “Wish You Were Here—New York to Egypt and beyond,” opens on January 31.

Fujishima captures and expresses the relentless flow of time, and the moments that exist in the interface between the photographer and the subject on the other side of the lens.

There is a consistency to the creative style and world view that flows through his diverse themes, no matter what the subject of his lens happens to be; nature, cities, or dolls. He does not construct a set, nor does he insert anything into his pictures or otherwise manipulate them, preferring instead to capture the subject as it is, illuminated by whatever natural light is available.

More than 50 photographs will be displayed in this exhibition. The subjects are the Empire State Building, the Pyramids and Caribbean, each of which is a structure that soars above its surrounding environment.

“Wish You Were Here,” an extraordinary series that constitutes Fujishima’s life work, began as a series of photographs of the Empire State Building, captured from another high-rise over the course of 20 years.

“One day,” he explains, “glancing out from an expansive window in the direction of downtown, I happened to catch a glimpse of the Empire State Building. I see it all the time, but in that moment an unconscious impulse drove me to pick up my camera. I was captivated.”

The pyramid series has become a constituent part of “Wish You Were Here.” “The sheer size of the pyramids
is far beyond what I had imagined,” Fujishima says. “I felt that I was catching a glimpse of time from an ancient era.” Despite the 100-degree heat, he became absorbed in photographing them.

“Wish You Were Here—New York to Egypt and beyond” expresses the profound relationship formed in precious moments between the photographer and his subject.
Max Fujishima was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan. He is a graduate of visual design from the Department of Fine Arts and Crafts at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. While working as the creative director of an advertising agency, he pursued photography on the side before devoting himself to it full time in 2003. Since then, he has continued the energetic pursuit of his creative activities.

128 Rivington St.
(bet. Essex & Norfolk)
NYC, NY 10002
212 674 0244

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