Teruko Tezuka

March 20 - 31, 2013

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 1-7 pm
Sun 1-5 pm and by appointment

Gallery onetwentyeight is pleased to present Trees: Teruko Tezuka's first solo exhibition in New York.
Teruko Tezuka lives and works in Tokushima, Japan.
Her works were first introduced by the gallery in previous year.

Artist Statement (3/6/2013)

In 2011 I found myself wanting to free myself from feelings of entrapment in my everyday life. I wanted to unleash my artistic core. I began to use the drip technique and found that the process of soaking the paintbrush in paint and allowing it to drip onto the canvas effected a release, a freeing of my hands and my mind. Dripping has enabled me to create lively images that flow spontaneously and triggered fascination and wonderment. To drip, for me, is to transcend. With this technique I am able to hide or erase the image I create. Thus, I destroy the image to create an image. I enjoy this contrary process. It is probably because I have a desire to create art by exceeding my linear, rational capacity. I create an image but I do not want it to be obvious. I look for vague images like scenes in gloomy weathers or the ones through frosted-glass window. Moreover, my work shows an influence from the space in subtle values depicted in traditional Japanese paintings.

The fluidity and organicity of trees are emblematic of this approach. In the Trees series I have created two broad categories of works. Whereas in one set I focus on green trees, in the other I look at cherry trees. In these works I underscore the Eastern aesthetic: Remembrances of fragrances, sounds and feelings-the passing of eternal time. This is what I strive to bring out in my viewers; power in subtlety. With less one sees more.

Blue and white are essential colors in Green Trees series. I depict a tree standing in the snow, trembling leaves in the wind or a tree standing at dusk and in a flash birds fly from it. Images of nature's spontaneity is suggested by dripping paint.

In Cherry Tees series I show the love that the Japanese have for this special spring flowering. It is, indeed, our national tree. Japanese are fond of especially Somei-yoshino that has light pink, almost white blossoms. Somei-yoshino become in full bloom over night and are sometimes swept away by a spring storm over night. Japanese find this ephemeral beauty is profoundly noble. Moreover, Japanese associate the nobility of cherry trees with their spirit. Gentle cherry flowers bloom in a cluster; beautiful in their genteel hues; their delicate demeanor; showing their quiet confidence. I use pink and blue as signature colors for Cherry Trees.

Besides dripping technique I used charcoal to add some rhythm in composition. I have created these paintings frantically like having an endless dream for past two years.

* Somei-yoshino is a kind of cherry trees that is the most beloved by Japanese.

128 Rivington St.
(bet. Essex & Norfolk)
NYC, NY 10002
212 674 0244

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