Drawing Matters

April 19 - 29, 2012

Reception: Wednesday, April 25 6-8 pm

Gallery Onetwentyeight is pleased to announce an international group show of artists whose use of drawing expands the typical boundaries of this fundamental form of expression.
From the traditional to the contemporary, these artists explore drawing as line and mass in two and three dimensions. The show is dominated by monochromatic or minimal use of color and presents an overall meditative and contemplative presence.

 Ayako Bando
Ayakoh Furukawa
Ethelyn Honig
Georg Ritter
Gordon Sasaki
Haruko Mochimaru
Kazuko Miyamoto
Larry Kenny
Margaret Wilmer
Orin Buck
Peter Hauenschild
Rene Lamadrid
Sanae Buck
Sol LeWitt
Steven Gwon
Tristano Rabinte
Yuko Kubota

128 Rivington St.
(bet. Essex & Norfolk)
NYC, NY 10002
212 674 0244

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